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As promised, another mod to test!
geniewealthfishfailuremod: The failure for the genie wealth wish is replaced with that of the wishing well's "wish for money"'s failure, i.e. your sim will get hit by a 50 simoleon sack of money and potentially die.

geniewishes: Makes the genie wishes available for witches with max skill and/or playable genies. Currently not including the resurrection wish, since that seems too cheaty/it's quite possible it'd have required a separate controller, but it does include the lost "wish for youth" and Cyjon's new genie wishes if you have them (you may also be interested in my replacement for CJ's New Genie Wishes base package that includes [Black_Spirit]'s youth wish fix). The personality and metamorphosis wishes aren't available for witches, since they have potions for that stuff.

playablegenieslamp: A decorative cloned genie lamp that you can place in sims' inventories for the above mod to recognize them as a genie.


🆕 1/14/19: Fixed a bug in the witch versions that was stopping the new options from properly showing up for witches.

ETA: And now it's been officially released!