Requested Sim - Padma

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:11 pm
mrs_mquve: Laegrinna (laegrinna)
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 Somebody over on Tumblr requested the model for Alesso Lights, so here she is :)


I can't include any CC because all my CAS content is bundled, but her CC list is below and included in the download.

DOWNLOAD Padma | SFS | Mediafire | Box
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I really love these bath mats by Birbber on Etsy - and while I can't have one for myself, I can make them for my sims. All in all, you get 12 recolours with various cute bird species! They are on the Thirsty Bath Mat from Nightlife and thus aren't BG-compatible, sorry! D: However, most people usually have this so it shouldn't be much of a problem!

I also recommend this mod to make the rugs not glitch out when placing them off-grid.

Here is every colour:

All I did was slap these recolours together. The artwork is 10000% Birbber's. Go buy something cute and support their work! :D

Download here! Requires Nightlife.