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This mod provides some custom social interactions modeled after the plantsim pollen cloud prank with some added after-effects. Currently includes "bees" and "poison ivy": "bees" makes the victim get attacked by bees afterwards, "poison ivy" infects them with poison ivy. Comes in "plantsim", "fairy", and "plantsim and fairy" versions: the fairy versions of course require my fairy lifestate. Comes in both autonomous and non-autonomous versions.

What I Want To Do Next:

Add more pranks, mostly. I'm thinking maybe some that work like the voodoo doll interactions next?
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How this mod works right now:

Sims who have a "had an affair" memory with no following "got caught cheating" memory can "confess to cheating" to their "steady"/fiancee/spouse. It leads to a slapfest, relationship drop (both between Sim A and Sim B, and between Sim B and the sim Sim A had their most recent affair with - eg. if Don confesses to cheating on Cassandra, she'll wind up furious with Nina because that's the most recent person Don remembers having an affair with), and "caught cheating/got caught cheating" memories. It's non-autonomous.

Things I'm concerned about/contemplating:

First of all, is using memories the best way to go about this? If you find that the interaction is available/unavailable in a situation where that doesn't make sense "story-wise" describe your sims' situation to me so I can see how to make the checks smarter about when the action is available.

Also, I'm not sure I ~love~ the anims - it starts with a appreciate-reject anim and then goes into the slapping but if you have better suggestions hit me up.

If you have any other recommendations feel free to tell me!


2/5/19: Now there are both accept and reject states. Both start off with the "apologize" anims, then go into the "smooth talk" accept or "romantic hug" reject anims, and if rejected ends with a more subdued slap anim. Both give "caught cheating" memories and lower relationship, but the accepted state leaves them with no furiousness and with less of a relationship drop. Also moved some code around so /hopefully/ the reject state will always properly clear Sim B's heart flags.

Sim B will always reject if they know they've been cheated on before (even if it was in a previous relationship - that hurt can carry over into future relationships). Otherwise, they'll always accept if they have at least a 100/70 relationship to Sim A (or 90/70 but Sim A has max charisma, or 91/70 if Sim A has 9 charisma, etc.) or both 100 STR to Sim A and Sim A has max charisma. Otherwise it comes down to mood. A lot of this stuff is BCON-configurable - I'm still trying to find a good balance.

🆕 2/6/19: Now niceness, shyness, and playfulness are taken into account in determining if Sim B will take it well, and I upped some of the thresholds so sims are more likely to reject. Charisma, niceness, shyness, and playfullness are all added to the STR of Sim B to Sim A to determine if sims pass the STR threshold, with charisma added twice: how much the personality traits are worth and what the thresholds are is all tunable, but I wanted strict conditions for Sim B taking it well.

ETA: It's now been officially released!
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As promised, another mod to test!
geniewealthfishfailuremod: The failure for the genie wealth wish is replaced with that of the wishing well's "wish for money"'s failure, i.e. your sim will get hit by a 50 simoleon sack of money and potentially die.

geniewishes: Makes the genie wishes available for witches with max skill and/or playable genies. Currently not including the resurrection wish, since that seems too cheaty/it's quite possible it'd have required a separate controller, but it does include the lost "wish for youth" and Cyjon's new genie wishes if you have them (you may also be interested in my replacement for CJ's New Genie Wishes base package that includes [Black_Spirit]'s youth wish fix). The personality and metamorphosis wishes aren't available for witches, since they have potions for that stuff.

playablegenieslamp: A decorative cloned genie lamp that you can place in sims' inventories for the above mod to recognize them as a genie.


🆕 1/14/19: Fixed a bug in the witch versions that was stopping the new options from properly showing up for witches.

ETA: And now it's been officially released!
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I've made a couple of custom socials, so I'll share them here for testing first in case I made any mistakes/wind up thinking of further improvements. Once they've gone a week without being updated I'll post the links on tumblr as well.

vamptabularasa: Vampires can perform a modified form of Tabula Rasa that'll erase the victim's memories of and relationship with the vampire. Removes committed relationship/friend/best friend/enemy/BFF flags, unlinks them in the family tree and removes the family flag if they're spouses, removes the victim's crush/love flags with the vampire, and removes furious tokens from the victim towards the vampire. Uses the OFB sales/manipulate animations since that's now my go-to for vampires, and is found under Voodoo/Tabula Rasa (or some equivalent translation) since I use my "vampires can 'voodoo'" mod and thought it'd be nice to group all this stuff together.

assesspast: Werewolves and/or aliens can assess other sims, learning gossip about them in the process. Thought bubbles will appear to clue you in to what memory they've learned, and the memory will always be one that's not about the werewolf/alien (since most of the memories they could have where the subject is the werewolf/alien are ones the werewolf/alien would already know, like 'sim went to college' or 'met sim'). Aliens must have SophieDavid's alien token to be recognized as such.

assessmood: This one's actually not a custom social, but a tweak of a Maxis one so werewolves and/or aliens can assess the mood of other sims. It works, I'm just holding off so I can release it alongside assesspast. Aliens must have SophieDavid's alien token to be recognized as such.

asktoleavepartner: If two sims are in love with each other and one of them is married or engaged with someone else, they can be asked to break up with their partner. If Sim B loves their partner and has higher LTR with their partner than with Sim A or equal LTR but higher STR, they'll reject Sim A. If they accept and their partner is on the lot the break-up will begin.

ETA: Well it's been a week, and since based on the feedback I got the mods work as intended they have been officially released on tumblr. Thanks for testing the mods out!
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Hi! So this is the project I'm focusing on right now, and I'd love it if people could test the part I've finished while I work on the rest!

: A mod to add chosen objects to the list of things witches can craft with their cauldrons.

betterccpotions-witchescansell: A mod to add chosen objects to the list of things the matchmaker sells, as well as giving witches the ability to sell Maxis and CC potions from their inventory. Meant to replace "witchesarepotionsellers".

CJ-FasterReagents: Cyjon's faster reagents tweaked so as to not slow down the making of CC potions.

Things that are done:

So far the added options include parsimonious's potions to make sims be different supernatural types, smonaff's potions, NL perfume (labeled as "vampire sunblock" in the pie menu), pandorasims' potions, and meduza's zombie maker/cure. If you don't have some of them in your game that's fine, those options just won't show up. It's also set up so the only resources you need to change to add/remove craftables are BCONs and text strings! (Tutorial for how to do so will come with the official release).

The buy social now includes a dialog box that'll allow you to pick how many potions to buy. For the matchmaker you can buy up to 10 at a time, for playable witches the maximum is determined by how many are in their inventory. Also, the matchmaker and neutral witches will use a lovely recolor of the witch gift box made by drewinthesky!

Things that are not done:

I haven't decided yet how I want to tune the skill & alignment requirements for some of the potions... the NL perfume remaining available for everyone is fine by me, the personality potions requiring 0 skill just like Maxis's nice/mean potions works too, and the maker/cure potions I gave a skill requirement of 1 just like the ingame cure potions, but I haven't decided what the requirements should be for the rest of Smonaff's and pandorasims's potions. The BCON constants for all the requirements are set up, I just need to tune them to something else.

As for the buy social, I'd like to reduce the lag involved in checking a playable witch's inventory when generating the pie menu: for now limiting inventory size and the number of CC potions you include in your downloads folder should minimize it, but even then the lag is noticeable and IMO unacceptable. I could ditch the inventory checks when generating the pie menu (i.e. allow all potions to show up in the pie menu automatically) and place the inventory checks in the interaction itself with the interaction set-up to fail if the appropriate item's not found, but that'll clutter up the pie menu and mean you have to remember what potions witches have in their inventory.

Known conflicts:

Make sure "witchescancraft" loads after creaturefixes.


12/16/18: Fixed a tuning typo that prevented some of smonaff's potions from appearing in the pie menu, added pandorasims potions.

12/16/18 2: Fixed more tuning typos, this time related to parsimonious potions.

12/18/18: Added meduza's potions.

12/26/18: Added missing text strings.

1/2/19: Added buy social.

1/2/19: Added neutral recolor of witch gift box, added dialog box to determine number of potions to buy.

1/7/19: I think I've reduced the lag? There's still some but it's maybe acceptable levels now? Someone test it and tell me if I'm imagining things.

1/14/19 Fixed the bug where "Debug - Social DL Test" appeared in the pie menus of witches with no potions in their inventory (just when I thought this was finally ready to be released, huh?)

ETA: I think I'm going to finally declare this mod stable enough for official release. Thanks to everyone who helped test it!


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