Jan. 5th, 2019

midgethetree: (Default)
I've made a couple of custom socials, so I'll share them here for testing first in case I made any mistakes/wind up thinking of further improvements. Once they've gone a week without being updated I'll post the links on tumblr as well.

vamptabularasa: Vampires can perform a modified form of Tabula Rasa that'll erase the victim's memories of and relationship with the vampire. Removes committed relationship/friend/best friend/enemy/BFF flags, unlinks them in the family tree and removes the family flag if they're spouses, removes the victim's crush/love flags with the vampire, and removes furious tokens from the victim towards the vampire. Uses the OFB sales/manipulate animations since that's now my go-to for vampires, and is found under Voodoo/Tabula Rasa (or some equivalent translation) since I use my "vampires can 'voodoo'" mod and thought it'd be nice to group all this stuff together.

assesspast: Werewolves and/or aliens can assess other sims, learning gossip about them in the process. Thought bubbles will appear to clue you in to what memory they've learned, and the memory will always be one that's not about the werewolf/alien (since most of the memories they could have where the subject is the werewolf/alien are ones the werewolf/alien would already know, like 'sim went to college' or 'met sim'). Aliens must have SophieDavid's alien token to be recognized as such.

assessmood: This one's actually not a custom social, but a tweak of a Maxis one so werewolves and/or aliens can assess the mood of other sims. It works, I'm just holding off so I can release it alongside assesspast. Aliens must have SophieDavid's alien token to be recognized as such.

asktoleavepartner: If two sims are in love with each other and one of them is married or engaged with someone else, they can be asked to break up with their partner. If Sim B loves their partner and has higher LTR with their partner than with Sim A or equal LTR but higher STR, they'll reject Sim A. If they accept and their partner is on the lot the break-up will begin.

ETA: Well it's been a week, and since based on the feedback I got the mods work as intended they have been officially released on tumblr. Thanks for testing the mods out!